All PC Configuration Util Sites
Sl. No. Name Description Address
1. The Ultimate Tasks, Services, and Startups Manager. Manage, diagnose, troubleshoot, speed up, and bring stability to your PC(s) the way we do ourselves with this all in-one product, our very own. For both occasional users and professional users. Also features the world's best PING, Trace Route, and WHOIS modules for network troubleshooters.
2. System Configuration Utility (Msconfig.exe) automates the routine troubleshooting steps that Microsoft Product Support Services technicians use when diagnosing Windows configuration issues. You can use this tool to modify the system configuration through a process of elimination with check boxes, reducing the risk of typing errors.
3. System Utilities Software The demands placed on our computer systems in the workplace or at home when gaming or browsing are tougher than we realize, meaning that System Utilities software from popular publishers such as Iolo, Symantec, PC Tools and Uniblue are an increasingly essential feature of your tool kit.
4. Desktop Utilities Software Desktop Utilities include a wide range of software such as Copernic's Desktop Search Professional to organize, search, clean, customize and ultimately optimize the performance of your desktop and operating system to suit your preferences.
5. InfoPackets Even though most of us use our computers to read email and surf the 'net (visiting web sites, downloading programs, etc), that in itself may be enough to warrant an onslaught of PC maintenance. Simply put: the web isn't what it used to be, and there's a lot of nasties lurking around every corner.

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