All News Paper Sites in One Place
Sl. No. Name Description Address
1. The New York Times The New York Times site manages to combine classic style with managing a frequent onslaught of new web features, and dropping the site’s pricey “Times Select” has helped to expand the Times’ already massive Online readership.
2. Washington Post Not only do we like the design and the navigability of the Post’s website, but we really love its database applications, which provide interesting tidbits of information difficult to find elsewhere.
3. USA Today Social networking. Social networking. Social networking. Did I mention that this site has the most robust social networking features out of any of the newspaper websites we researched? Oh yeah. And this site has social networking.
4. Houston Chronicle We like the non-newspaperish feeling that this homepage exudes. It’s significantly different from any other newspaper site. offers its users interactive features such as comments and blogs, has a great RSS system made available right on the homepage, and looks good while doing it.
5. Denver Post The homepage of this site isn’t much to write home about, but registering with the site automatically gives you your own blog and your own photo gallery for uploading and sharing photos.
6. Fresno Bee Great homepage, interesting CrimeMap feature, and overall just a solid site with lots of technology and an easy-to-use format.
7. Knoxville News Sentinel I’m not sure a newspaper website could look any better than this one. When we talk about de-cluttering sites and making them look “clean”, this is what we mean.
8. Austin American Statesman We really like the unique layout and coloring of this site’s homepage. We’re also giving this site points for allowing anyone to blog and for linking to many of the site’s blogs directly from the homepage.
9. Tennessean The blog-like feel of this site’s homepage helped it make our list. We also like the strong presence of multimedia on the homepage.
10. San Jose Mercury News On this homepage, we like the simple layout of the article headlines and descriptions. I also like the inclusion of the box with blog headlines, user photos, forum titles, and podcasts toward the top of the homepage.

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