All Mobile Phone Sites
Sl. No. Name Description Address
1. Nokia Nokia is the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, renowned for its range of bestselling mobile phones.
2. Samsung Samsung mobile phones are synonymous with quality, with millions of its function-rich, stylish handsets sold worldwide.
3. Apple Apple brings it's market-leading technology and style to the forefront with their range of iPhones which have taken the market by storm.
4. LG Teaming high-end cameras with quality materials, LG handsets offer some of the most luxurious mobile communication experiences yet.
5. Sony Ericsson Sony Ericsson is rightly famed for its highly successful function-rich Cybershot, Xperia and Walkman handsets.
6. HTC HTC are behind some of the most popular handsets on the market today. HTC specialise in touchscreen, smartphone and PDA mobiles.
7. BlackBerry BlackBerry handsets have revolutionised the mobile phone market offering users a phone with unparalleled access to email, organizers and much more.
8. T-Mobile T-Mobile offers an excellent selection of mobile phones including the popular G1 and G1 to its pay monthly and pay as you go customers.
9. Motorola Motorola mobile phones are owned by millions worldwide, with sales of the handsets spurred by their excellent functions and simple user interfaces.
10. Dell Dell handsets all cutting-edge smartphones that bring the rich functionality of its best-selling PCs to the mobile phone sector.

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