PC Utility Manager : PC Utility Management Software

Attention Windows users!!!

Are you aware of all the features and utilities that windows is providing for a normal user? Are you searching for a windows automation utility that have features like, easy access to windows utilities like notepad, day-to-day task reminder , PC shared file and folder security alert etc ? 

Please wait a moment before you purchase or search in Internet for a new Software utility in windows. Perhaps the utility or feature you are searching for might already be there in your windows operating system.

We have PC Utility Manager, a free utility tool which will show you the utilities which you haven’t tried out in your machine!!!

From your Desktop, go directly to the Desktop Bar or just right click to see and access all the associated utilities. It is as simple as that!!!

PC Utility Manager Enables you to:

  • Access the frequently used utilities like Notepad, MS Paint etc from your desktop context menu
  • Schedule your day to day task with optional task reminder after the due date. 
  • See who is accessing your shared files and folders with optional security alerting mechanisms like beep alert and window popups. 
  • Browse the internet securely with a built in light-weight browser specially designed to block almost all internet based viruses.
  • Access the predefined frequently used Internet sites from your desktop context menu
  • Configure and access the frequently used application and Internet sites based on your needs from your desktop context menu
  • Backup your important files and folders using our special module Mr.Backup

Click Below to Watch PC Utility Manager Live Demo from YouTube:

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